Meet Dr. Shawkat Sati


Dr. Shawkat Sati, MD, is a renowned and well established plastic surgeon in Jordan; he received his surgical degree from the distinguished Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Sati completed his extensive surgery training in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was subsequently accepted into a prestigious plastic surgery program, allowing him to further hone his skills in the fine art of plastic surgery. He spent six years at Tufts University’s Lahey Clinic, a world-class center that is also affiliated with Harvard University. During his time at Lahey, Dr. Sati had the opportunity to work closely alongside more than 50 world-renowned plastic surgeons, providing him with exceptional mentorship, training and experience.

Enthusiastic about continuing his education and advancing in his field, Dr. Sati went on to enroll at Purdue University in order to sub-specialize in pediatric plastic surgery, dealing in particular with congenital deformities. His training culminated in Paris, where he had the incredible privilege of working with Dr. Daniel Marchac, who is regarded as one of the world’s top authorities on craniofacial and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Sati is an avid researcher in numerous areas within his field. He has had the honor of presenting his work at some of the most reputable plastic surgery conferences around the globe, and has been awarded several grants to further pursue his research. Dr. Sati was also awarded the honor of Best Junior Research Paper in North America, an achievement unmatched by any other plastic surgeon in Jordan; as a result, he has had many of his scientific papers published and has authored several book chapters.

Dr. Sati brings unparalleled meticulousness and care to his practice. He is extremely passionate about the benefits of plastic surgery when appropriately applied to the right candidates.

Dr. Sati possesses the following professional traits and philosophies:

• Honesty, moderation and meticulousness

• Devoting as much time as necessary to ensuring that the patient is aware of treatment options and can make a truly informed decision

• The prioritization of health and well-being

• Dr. Sati recognizes that new techniques come and go, often leaving the patient disappointed with the results, and at a great expense. He wisely believes that if a new laser or surgical procedure sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Dr. Sati’s practice

During your confidential, private plastic surgery consultation, Dr. Sati will ask about your personal goals and recommend the best treatment program for achieving optimal results. In this thorough consultation, you and Dr. Sati will:

  • Discuss procedure benefits, downtime and outcome
  • Review potential alternative procedures
  • Discuss any potential risks or complications
  • Assess and explain where and how the procedure will be performed
  • Carefully review how to prepare for your procedure

Proffesional Publications

Sati, S., Pandya, SN.

Should a Panniculectomy/ Abdominoplasty after Massive Weight Loss be Covered by Insurance?

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 60(5):502-504, May 2008

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Grants & Awards


American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons ASMS

ASMS Best Paper Young Investigator Paper Award

Outcome Analysis of Tongue-Lip Adhesion versus Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis in the Treatment of Pierre Robin Sequence Associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Sati S,Socas J, Varkarakis G, Fairbanks G, Flores RL, Havlik RJ


The Robert Wise, MD Research and Education Institute             

Chen, J; Manchio J; Sati, S.; Panter, K; Winn, S;  Zeheb, R; Jain, S; Weinzweig, J. rhBMP-4 Gene Therapy Repair of Cleft Palate in a Congenital Caprine Model. 


PSEF Basic Research Grant Program

Chen, J; Manchio J; Sati, S.; Panter, K; Winn, S; Zeheb, R; Jain, S; Weinzweig, J.

In UteroGene Therapy Repair of Cleft Palate in a Congenital Caprine Model”


Natalie V. Zucker Research Grant

Chen, J; Manchio J; Sati, S.; Panter, K; Winn, S;  Zeheb, R; Jain, S; Weinzweig, J. rhBMP-4 Gene Therapy Repair of Cleft Palate in a Congenital Caprine Model. 


The Robert Wise, MD Research and Education Institute

Manchio, JV.;Sati, S.; Litchfield, R.; Bryan, DJ.; Weinzweig, J.; Vernadakis, AJ.  Duration of Smoking Cessation and its Effect on Random and Axial Flap Survival in a Rat Model.


The Robert Wise, MD Research and Education Institute

Sati, S.  Educational/Research