Testimonial 1

“I first approached Dr. Shawkat after a friend recommended him as a new, up-and-coming aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon in Jordan. More importantly, I was told that he was one of only two American Board Certified plastic surgeons in the country. From my first visit, I was pleasantly surprised: Dr. Shawkat was friendly, attentive and warm – nothing like other doctors, who seem to function in a production-style manner, where patients are in and out of the office with little personal interaction.

Based on prudent advice, I had consultations with two other doctors, who seemed to be in quite a rush to get me in and out of their offices, and into the operating room ASAP! However, with a surgery as physically and psychologically sensitive as mine, I couldn’t accept having a doctor who did not convey any empathy. For this reason, I knew from the first visit that I would only trust Dr. Shawkat for my surgery.

I scheduled my operation with Dr. Shawkat, who laid out a plan to prepare myself physically and mentally. This included undergoing some medical tests, quitting smoking and avoiding any blood-thinning foods (like garlic). He asked me to be well rested and prepared for the procedure – and, to be honest, that’s all I really had to do.

My surgery was a piece of cake (for me, at least!). For those of you who have anxiety about surgery, here’s how it goes: you check into the hospital and they take you to your room, where you are dressed in a hospital gown and have your IV inserted. Then the doctor comes into the room and marks you up for the operation. You are placed on the bed, the anesthesiologist (who is lovely!) inserts a syringe… and you wake up after the surgery is over. You never see the operating room and never even have time to feel nervous.

After the surgery I had negligible pain, hardly any anxiety and a quick and easy recovery; in three days, I was out with friends. The swelling, of course, lasted for quite some time (as Dr. Shawkat informed me it would), but it didn’t leave me stuck at home in pain. In fact, the discomfort was so minimal that I stopped all major pain medications after two days.

What really helped in my recovery was that Dr. Shawkat continuously made me feel that I should not be housebound by my surgery. He encouraged me to engage in mild activities, and to get up and about. One of the biggest frustrations after surgery is the feeling of confinement and helplessness, and his encouragement really pushed along my recovery.

It’s now been three weeks since my operation (thought it seems like a lifetime ago), and the healing process is well under way! I suppose I should mention which operations I had: I underwent a breast reduction, liposuction on my lower abdomen and a fat graft into my right thigh – all of which were successful!”


Testimonial 2

“I had been contemplating liposuction for several years, but I had always been very hesitant about it. I knew that my inner and outer thighs were a problem area, as diet and exercise never seemed to make any difference to these trouble spots. I heard about Dr. Sati from a few friends who had done Botox and other procedures with him, and were very satisfied with their results. While I was still unsure about liposuction, I decided to book a consultation with Dr. Sati. On that first visit, I was extremely pleased with his attitude and honesty. He was happy to answer all my questions thoroughly, and made sure that I took plenty of time to consider the surgery carefully. I decided to go through with it, and have absolutely no regrets! Dr. Sati’s expertise changed my life: I could not be happier with the results! Thank you, Dr. Sati!”


Testimonial 3

“When I first decided to get a breast lift and augmentation, I had planned to travel to Lebanon to have the procedure done, as this is the ‘mainstream’ thing to do. Three days prior to my operation, someone persuaded me to have a consultation with Dr. Sati, and I agreed. The minute he started speaking to me, I couldn’t have imagined letting another doctor operate on me (yes, he’s that good)! It’s been almost six months since my operation, and I have never been happier – nor have I ever regretted my decision. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t even consider another plastic surgeon! I am more than pleased with my results, and so grateful and proud to have such talent available here in Jordan.”


Testimonial 4

“I used to hate my nose: now, it’s my favorite part of my body, thanks to Dr. Sati!”


Testimonial 5

“I recently had a tummy tuck with Dr. Sati, and I am ecstatic about my results! I look and feel so much better, thanks to my wonderful plastic surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone! Along with his incredible skillfulness and ingenuity, his professionalism is second to none!”